Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mixing it right up

Check out the beauteous gifts I received in the post today! The very delightful Joe Rogers (aka Colourboxonline for all you tweeters out there) not only sent me a pair of french-themed CDs in a case fashioned from balsa wood and cut paper, but also a screen printed tote and a wee postcard. I am spoilt indeed.

These moustachioed goodies came my way because of a rather brilliant scheme originating from the brain of Mr Colourbox himself. 'The Mixtape Project' is aimed at reviving them good old days, when hours were spent constructing the perfect mixtape for your mates.

I did not get these delights for free, oh no, some work was involved on my part too. I created this little offering on the very loose theme of 'Summer in the City' for the lovely Lucy Davidson. Now that I've received my package from Joe, I feel a bit mean with my humble paper case. Ah well, next month it'll be bigger and better.

So if you fancy taking part in this venture, have a look click on here and let Joe know. If nothing else, it's the perfect excuse to watch 'High Fidelity' again...