Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Forest Tracings

Ok, I admit it, I'm obsessed. This whole paper cutting lark is really quite relaxing. I'm playing with depth and texture at the moment, the next thing I think will be shadows.....

Friday, 25 June 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

More human types

There was a time when all I did was draw people. I'd sit for hours in coffee shops and on trains and sneakily sketch away. Recently however, I've found myself avoiding them, to the point where I seem to have developed something of a block when it comes to the human-shaped beasts. I have resolved, therefore, to address this problem.

Not sure that I've got the style quite right yet, but it's early days - I think that incorporating more collage-y elements, or even paper cut backgrounds would work better. We shall see - watch this space...

Friday, 11 June 2010

Toot Toot

Well, here's a thing. The excellent Matt Williams (aka Uberkraaft) and Lesley Barnes, have set up 'Colonel Windpipe's Musical Brigade', featuring a rag-tag band of instrument weilding beauts. Illustrators from all over the land have been invited to upload their recruits to the specially dedicated Flickr Group. And so I would like to introduce you to mine, Lieutenant Boris (a wolf, of course!). Not only is he big and bad, Boris can also play a pretty mean horn- it's all that huffing and puffing don'tcha know.

So muster your troops and start tapping your feet, for the Colonel is coming to town...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Roll Up, Roll Up...

...for the grand opening of my brand new Etsy shop! Crack open the bubbly and have a munch on the canapees, whilst you feast your eyes on my beautiful beasts.

Keep your eyes peeled on this here blog for upcoming promotions and new products, as I shall be adding to my stock over the next couple of weeks. Incidentally, if there are any of my images that you would like to own as a print, just leave a message here or via my website and I shall see what I can do.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Creepy Paper Cuts

The Happy Journey Collective is a rather unusual venture, originating from a Twitter conversation between the uber talented Thereza Rowe, Lesley Barnes and Abi Daker. The idea was to invite artists to design their own illustrated coffins (not nearly as sinister as it sounds). The collection has now completely taken off, with around 25 artists taking part so far and has caught the attention of numerous online blogs and magazines.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when they asked me to contribute an image.

I've recently become completely obsessed with paper cuts, particularly those by Peter Callesen and Rob Ryan. They are so intricate- engineering marvels, yet look amazingly clean and crisp. Perfect, in short, for a coffin.

So here it is, pretty much my first ever paper cut and definitely my first funeral piece. It was quite a fiddly process, I managed to get almost all the way through the first season of 'Ashes to Ashes' whilst doing it and my desk now looks like its been snowed on. All in all though, I think it has been fairly successful, at least the ladies from the Happy Journey Collective seem pleased, and it's definitely an improvement on those dull, pine boxes.

Coming soon... new Etsy shop! I've been busily working away, getting all my stock together for the the grand opening early next week. There will be badges and mirrors, prints and jewellery, all featuring my creepy creations. So keep your beady ol' eyes out for announcements and special offers. Who knows, you could end up with a werewolf of your very own.