Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nobody calls me Chicken

Despite the paroxysms of fear and self doubt that would normally curtail such a venture, I have actually submitted my entry to the Nobrow competition. And here he is, the filthy beast. (He reminds me a little of those ads from the 50's, the ones for skinny men who want to look more manly, it's the dodgey skin tone and camp stance that does it). This act marks quite a significant milestone for me. I have a long history of creating images for specific competitions, only to wimp out at the last minute citing some feeble excuse to mask the yellow-bellied truth.

Here is an image which never made it into the pool of submissions for Amelia's Magazine's 'Shelter' competition last year, though it was finished well before the deadline. I think I blamed a lack of quality scanning equipment for that particular non-act of cowardice. But all this is now over, what with me being a newly reformed character and all. I am channelling the spirit of Marty McFly and renouncing my cowardly ways, and who knows what opportunities such a change will bring.

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●• Thereza said...

looove the wolf :) just wonderful!