Monday, 20 September 2010

Tis not yet the season...erm sorry about that

Hey there lovely people. Sorry for the disgraceful lack of recent postings, I've been somewhat distracted with Hen-do's to organise and all sorts of boring but necessary tasks to complete before my excursion to the Rainforest (which is coming up really soon, I've got to get into training!). I have however, found enough time to add some more stock to my Etsy shop.
Yup, that's right, Christmas cards!

I know, I know, I too hate the fact that all of the shops are already stocking all their glittery shite, despite it being only mid September. It makes me cringe when hearing Christmas carols pumped insessently through shop speakers everywhere once bonfire night is over.
Thing is though, I'm disappearing off for six weeks in November (key Christmas selling time) and have decided therefore, that my shop needs to be fully stocked with festive goodies before my departure. I've managed to ensure that I am going to escape the majority of the hype this year- I don't think that there's too much carolling in the Malaysian wilderness, and so feel somehow less guilty about foisting such atrocities on you.
So if you're one of those super-organised types and fancy a hand-cut card, or a high quality printed beaut for that special someone, just check out my shop, you might find something you like. As for the rest of you I can only appologise, but you know it's only going to get worse.

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lovebirdstationery said...

It is most grown up and organised of you. I like your style. Please may I borrow a leaf from your book? I'll give it back once I've grown up ;)

Lovely, lovely cards.